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Sunope Pharm was registered as a company in 2004 and is situated in Central South Africa, while manufacturing and Distribution offices are in Johannesburg and other Regions.

The founder and patent holder of Ilosun Ointment identified the need and had the desire and passion to promote Wound Care. Giving Hope and Healing for those in despair. Burns was the biggest motivator to start with intensive research for a natural product that will be effective on burns, preventing complications like debridement and skin grafts due to prolonged healing. It was found that Ilosun Ointment is much more than an effective burn ointment but showed remarkable healing properties on all wound types, including diabetic-, surgical, varicose leg ulcers, and eczema/Psoriasis. We are passionate about the communities and strive to make a sustainable difference to their health and well-being in everything we do. We also have an info line to guide and assist with wound Care or questions. We focus on Wound Care in a Natural effective way.

Sunope Pharm has a well-trained committed marketing team that operates as representatives and on the different available marketing platforms.

Ilosun ointment is globally known and Sunope pharm was invited by the S.A. Trading Industry (The DTI) to attend the Intra African trade fair in December 2019. This event has opened great doors for ongoing international pharmaceutical relationships.

Distribution is done by extensive Distribution networks, professional staff, and value-added services to make the Distribution stand out from the crowd. Sunope Pharm’s specialized team will offer continuous training programs on request for health Care Professionals and Companies. Personalized service available via our info line – (+27) 82 449 2728

Sunope Pharm Values at all times:

To give hope and healing with Care and Passion

Honesty and integrity

Trust and reliability

To provide a quality product


Our aim and vision are to introduce Ilosun Ointment to each person and the Health Department Globally, offering quality products, services, and support in a competitive market.

May God bless you with health and Joy.

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